What is Meditation?


The basic premise of meditation is that our underlying true nature is a harmonious flow of vital energy. An experience of this natural state, which we all have from time to time, is often described as a feeling of love, of being ‘in the flow’, at ease, happy and content. It is a sense of being connected, and brings great joy.

If we reflect on the times when we have experienced this, we find that they are times when we weren’t worrying about all the jobs that needed doing, about something that happened last week, or may happen next week. Somehow, something enabled us to be fully at ease in the present moment. It is as if the soap opera of our daily life fell away for a few brief moments and we breathed a deep sigh of contented relief.

It is a common experience to feel that we would just like to be able to take some time out from our busy minds and lives. Whenever we do this we feel so much better about all the things that were previously troubling us. Those things don’t disappear – it’s just that we are more able to take them in our stride. We may have experienced this on holiday or some other time when we were away from it all - we feel rested, energised and in control. We get a much clearer perspective.

But these times can seem few and far between.

Imagine for a moment – how would it be if you were able to tap into this place on a daily basis?

Meditation is a tool that teaches just this.